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Are you a photographer, videographer, photo editor or video editor? It’s time to slide into the new photo & video industry network:

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What is Zooma?

Discover the first platform in the world for photo and video professionals

Create & manage your professional photo & video industry profile. Let other professionals easily find and collaborate with you.

Create your ideal portfolio among the best professionals of photo & video industry.

Create a new project and automatically or manually invite photographers, videographers, photo editors, and video editors to your project.

Zooma will provide you the best opportunities to find your next photo & video industry jobs. Create and reserve job offers.

Easily write a private or group messages to all Zooma’s family members photographers, videographers, photo editors and video editors.

The app will automatically create event in the schedule and integration with the phone calendar will make your life easier.

Be a part of photo & video industry platform

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Join the platform where professionals of photo & video world are working together and create new contacts.

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Zooma App has been developed to connect the best professionals in the photo & video industry

Photographers from different fields working together

Social managing of successful movie projects

The best opportunity to find photo-editing job

Pro’s from all around the world on one platform

  • Manage your own professional profile
  • Collaborate with the best practitioners in the sphere
  • Find new exciting job opportunities quickly
  • Create professional teams
  • Create a chat for communication with your team
  • Organize and manage creative projects
  • Search for best talents
  • Communicate with every user in the platform
  • Design your own creative portfolio
  • Manage your project schedule

Are you still having questions?

One advantage of this application is its function of a work platform. Here you can find both a job and an employee, and this process is fast enough precisely because of the application. It does not matter how long are you engaged in photography: the main plus of ZOOMA is its versatility. Beginners will be helped here; professional masters will listen with pleasure. Of course, it sounds like something perfect, but why not to try it?

Thanks to the ready-made ZOOMA portfolio, employers can also appreciate the site: if you suddenly need a new team member to work on a particular project, you can choose him or her as quickly as possible. Exposed samples of works will help understand how good a person approaches execution of duties in practice. It is very convenient and saves time.

Often creative projects are limited to specific deadlines: creating a schedule will help minimize the waste of time and errors when selecting an artist. The user will also be more clearly and confidently guided in own schedule thanks to this approach. The calendar can easily be associated with your schedule in a mobile phone, to always be aware of.

Use the application as a site for work or a virtual office. Those who have not encountered such an opportunity yet can decide that this is inconvenient or gives fewer options than the usual format but this is not so. The freelancers you hire in your team to work on the project will not have to come to the office and will not be busy with the usual daily routine: as you know, there is no more freedom-lover than a freelancer. With the help of the organization of the workspace and collective chat rooms, employees will be able to communicate with each other as efficiently as possible. At the same time, everyone can be responsible for the own area: ZOOMA will notify about all changes in the project by means of push notifications.

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